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Stromanthe Triostar, Stromanthe sanguinea 

The Triostar is a real head-turner with leaf patterns that resemble paintbrush strokes. Native to vibrant Brazil, on the top it has splashes of cream, pink & green and magenta or deep pink underneath. The Triostar is the perfect plant to add tropical lushness to your home. 

Thrives in medium to bright indirect light. The variegation of the leaves will increase with increased exposure to light.
Water once every 1-2 weeks (more often during the warm summer months) and mist between waterings to provide some humidity. 
Plant Tip
To keep the triostar healthy and happy, wipe its leaves with a damp cloth to remove any dust build-up. Prune any dead/yellowing leaves to ensure that the plant can use all of its energy to produce new leaves.
This plant loves humidity, so it will work great in bathrooms.
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