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String of Turtles

R 300.00

Peperomia Prostrata

This adorable succulent is native to the jungles of Brazil and gets its nickname "string of turtles" from its leaves that look like little turtle shells. Although it is small and slow-growing plant, it has gained popularity around the world for its unique leaves that never loses its charm.

Please note the handles of the hanging basket can be removed.

Thrives in bright indirect light. 
Water every 1-2 weeks, ensuring that the soil dries out between watering. Overwatering is always a risk with your indoor plants, therefore first check if the top layer of the soil is dry before watering. If the top layers feels slightly most, hold out on the watering.
Plant Tip
Please take care when handling the plant as it "strings" are quite delicate and may break off. It is best to keep the plant in the grow pot it comes in as it will remain a small plant that does not need to be repotted.
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