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Fishbone Cactus

R 550.00

Disocactus anguliger

We love this weird and wonderful zig-zag cactus that is native to colourful Mexico.  It makes a lovely low-maintenance hanging plant as it's boney looking leaves start to trail down the longer it gets.

Please note the handles are removable. (Cape Town delivery only)

Thrives in medium to bright indirect light. Can tolerate bright direct light for short periods of time.
Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between watering. Increase frequency in the warmer, summer months.
Plant Tip
Even though it's called a cactus, it's quite different from the cacti you traditionally find in the desert. The fishbone cactus is a jungle cactus, therefore it thrives in humid conditions; increase humidity by misting the leaves every so often. 
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