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Chinese Evergreen 'Silver Splash'

R 180.00

Aglaonema ‘Silver Splash’

This beautiful, tropical plant is perfect for beginners due to its easy-care nature and tolerance of low-light conditions. Native to Asia’s subtropical regions, the Aglaonema (Ag-low-NEE-Muh) plant has many different variations. We love the ‘Silver Splash’ variety’s dark green leaves with splashes of silver. It’s one of the few indoor plants than can adapt to fluorescent light conditions making it an ideal office plant.

Thrives in low to moderate light conditions..
Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between watering. Increase frequency in the warmer, summer months.
Plant Tip
The darker the variegation of the leaves the lower the light requirements and visa versa. As the Chinese Evergreen is a tropical plant, it will thrive in humid conditions. Keep your plant happy and healthy by misting the leaves every so often (to increase humidity) and keep it away from cold drafts. .
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